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February 3rd, 2019

Working Hard and Lightly Relaxing

It’s been a pretty busy year for me since I moved to Singapore. I came here because I was offered a job at a tech company. They felt that I was the best person for the job and wanted me to expand the business here. I jumped at the chance to live in Singapore and couldn’t wait to start my new job. I moved into Sloane Residences, which is close to my job and is what I consider to be one of the best living spots in Singapore. It’s close to everything that I need, from shops to restaurants. It also provides a great living experience, as I have all of the living space that I need, with luxurious amenities and ways to relax.

While I love my job, sometimes it can be a little stressful. I have to do a lot of programming in my job, and that means looking at lots of lines of code and hoping that nothing goes wrong, which sometimes it does. When it does, my team and I have to troubleshoot and isolate the problem. Sometimes in the process of fixing something, another problem is created, which means we have to look at the code again and make more changes. At the end of the day, I just want to relax my eyes and avoid looking at a computer screen for a while.

I usually go from my job to one of the local restaurants to have a bite to eat. If I had a bottomless stomach, I would just eat everything at these restaurants. The meal fills me up, and it helps to start the relaxation process after work. Once I get home, I get into comfortable clothes, turn on my favorite music, and just lounge away in my condo before falling asleep in my favorite chair.

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