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August 18th, 2018

Why I Upgraded My Smaller Power Inverter

I have a 100 watt inverter I keep in the center console of our car. I used it to plug laptop chargers and other small things into. When I got my truck, I wanted more inverter power to run some bigger things. I bought a 1000 watt inverter to hook up to the electrical system of my truck. I like it a lot. I can plug in a lot more than just small things now. I have a battery system that will not run down too low to start the vehicle, so I do not have to worry about that. I run LED lights at our campsites and other things such as a small refrigerator and small appliances on that 1000 watt power inverter.

A power inverter takes the 12-volts of the the battery system and converts it to your standard 120-volt household current. What you need to consider is how many watts you need. For example, a hair dryer is a heating appliance and consumes about 1500 watts. That would be too much for my inverter. A standard 100-watt incandescent bulb would consume 1/10th of the 1000 watts available. I use LED lights that only consume a fraction of the watts.

Keep in mind that voltage and watts are different. Think of it as kind of like a garden hose with water. The hose would be like the power cord to your appliances. At 120-volts, this is the pressure of the water so-to-speak. Watts is kind of like the needed flow of water you need for whatever you connect it to. So, you can have all kinds of inverters that are converting 12-volts to 120-volts, but you need to pick one that will supply the “flow” of energy you need for what you plug into it. My 100-watt one served my needs in my car. I could power small things. I need the 1000-watt one for our electricity needs we have now when we go camping.

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