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January 11th, 2017

We Needed to Make Sure We Got Help Immediately

We have a family with many hunters in it. When they visit, they often bring some of the meat from their hunts. So when our extra freezer stopped working it was imperative that we get some major appliance repair in Sacramento to get the freezer working again. We have a lot of venison and wild boar that would go to waste if we didn’t get it working in time. We could not afford to buy a new one anytime soon, and we hoped that it would not come down to that in the end.

While trying to work on the freezer himself, my husband ended up breaking something inside the freezer. That was when I told him that we needed to get someone who really knew what they were doing to fix it before he ended up breaking something permanently. I was already worried the small piece that he had broken off inside would render it unusable as it was. Fortunately, the man who came to help had a replacement piece. So not only did he replace the piece that my husband had broken off, he quickly got the machine running again, too.

Neither my husband or I have never hunted before, but we do love the fact that our family members who are hunters bring us meat whenever they have a chance to. This helps us to keep our grocery bill down, and we also give some of the meat to our neighbors to help them out with food costs, too. We think that it’s important to help out other people whenever possible. We even offered the repairman some really tasty venison to take home with him. He was very surprised and thankful. It made us happy to see the smile on his face when we handed it to him.

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