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October 26th, 2015

The Benefit of the Bundle

When the price for my cable bill became too high, I bundled it up with the cable provider’s Internet service to save money. Bundles cost less than a service on its own, at least for a short period of time. After a while, the price increased and I was right back at the beginning. I couldn’t pay the price anymore and had to cancel my service. For a while, the only way I could access the Internet was with my cell phone. I looked for some alternative replacements, and found one at

DirecTV was offering a bundle in the same way that the cable company was, but there was a difference. They promised that the price wouldn’t increase, no matter how long I had the service. The speeds for the Internet service were also different. On my old cable plan, the speeds went up to 45Mbps, but to get that speed, you had to pay over $100 just for the Internet alone. I used to have 6Mbps for $40, and I even thought that was too much of a price to pay. The new bundle had the 45Mbps speed for the same price that I was paying for the 6Mbps speed.

On the television side of things, I had access to over 300 channels, including the movie channels, the sports packages, and the international channels. I like to watch the cooking channels because they competition shows where the chefs try to make the best dish while working within a time limit. My box can record any show that I schedule it to, so when I miss one of the cooking shows for whatever reason, I can just watch it later. I can even watch the shows from my phone using a special app, which comes in handy when I’m on my lunch break at work.

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