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October 20th, 2015

The Battle for My Computer

The blank invoice PDF that my friend gave me turned out to be a corrupted file that had a virus hidden within it. The virus installed a lot of bloatware on my computer in the form of fake anti virus software. The software pops up every time I turn on my computer and gives me a lot of fake messages about having tons of viruses installed, and that the only way to get rid of them is to pay for some unknown software. I’ve had experience with this kind of virus on other people’s computers before, so I knew how to get rid of it.

I had to put the computer in safe mode and run a couple of programs to stop the virus from running the fake anti virus software. Then I ran scans using a couple of programs to find where the virus was stored and delete it from my computer. The scans take around an hour or two to complete, and I had to run multiple scans. The process was an overnight one and when I woke up in the morning, the computer was virus free. I was glad that I was able to take care of that problem, but I was still in need of an invoice since the one my friend gave me turned out to be infected.

I found a free template online and used that as my invoice. I told my friend what happened to my computer and he deleted the corrupted file from his computer. Somehow, my friend’s computer wasn’t infected by the virus. My friend has a bad habit of downloading things without actually scanning them to make sure they are safe. I don’t think he even has an anti virus software installed on his computer anymore. It wouldn’t surprise me if someone has all of his personal information.

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