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May 29th, 2017

Setting Up a Barrier for Flat Roof Protection is Pretty Easy

We found out that maintenance crews were damaging our roof. They would take any path they desired to get to the equipment they were fixing. The building manager told us that architecturally there should be paths set up for people to walk on in specific areas of the roof. He told us about a barrier for flat roof areas that keep people on a path. They are kind of like tiles you put down to distribute weight and make a path. They are then lined with demarcation barriers that are posts with chains. You do not have to make any holes in the roof. The barrier posts have heavy rubber bases that stay in place in high winds, and the chains run between the posts. You put them down next to the path tiles that interlock.

The building manager told us that a structural engineer could mark out the exact paths to lay the barrier system in place, and that pretty much any crew can install it. This would save us a repeat in having to pay for roof repairs due to tools and crews being taken across areas of the roof that can be damaged by foot traffic, carts and other things workers use when fixing things on the roof such as the big air conditioning units. We had an engineer paint a line where we could have traffic on the roof, and we had a crew lay the barrier tiles and set up the posts. The barrier for flat roof areas works perfectly. The chains keep workers on the paths and away from the sensitive areas where no foot should step. It is a good investment in protecting our roof from needing unnecessary repairs due to damage from tools or foot traffic. Plus, the barrier systems holds up to weather, even high winds.

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