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May 12th, 2016

Seeing What Can’t Be Seen

Years ago, my idea of having a security system was buying a few door alarms from the local hardware store and sticking them on the wall. I never had a burglar to test out these alarms, but if one did come, the alarms wouldn’t have really done much. They would have made a loud sound, but that’s about it. The police wouldn’t have been called, the burglar wouldn’t have been captured on film, and if he was brazen enough, he would have just broken the alarms. I needed to be safer, so I got a home security audit to give me something better.

I upgraded to a full system with an alarm, security box that arms and disarms the alarm, smoke and heat detectors, window locks, and cameras to monitor every inch of the outside of my home. There are no blind spots on the outside, so if anyone tries to hide, the cameras will pick them up, and even record them. There is a server set up in my home that will store footage from the cameras. I can access the server from anywhere as long as I have an Internet connection, and I can even see a live feed.

The system came in handy when a vandal started going around knocking over items on the homeowners lawns. Other people didn’t have cameras to see who was doing it, so I volunteered to let my home be a trap for the vandal. I placed a garden gnome on my lawn and waited for the vandal to appear. The vandal randomly made an entrance and tipped over the gnome. The vandal didn’t know he was being recorded. I turned the footage of the vandal in to the police and they were able to figure out his identity and where he lived.

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