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June 2nd, 2016

Plans for a Grand Design

For a garden that I was planning for my home, I had been working with one of my friends to create the plans. He came up with a slab design to make the garden look like some kind of beautiful Roman dream. My friend had been skilled in design for many years because he took courses on it in college. I was focused on computer programming, which comes in handy for him when he wants someone to make a website for him or create an app that will be usable by his customers. We plan to start construction of the garden during the summer.

The garden will have an area for growing flowers and food, and also an area that will house a small pond. I’m not sure what kinds of animals should go into the pond. The animals all have to be able to coexist together without eating one another. I also need something in the pond that will eat any insect larvae that try to hatch in it. In the summer, mosquitoes have a bad habit of laying eggs in any free standing water, and a pond is the perfect location for a batch of mosquitoes to grow. Maybe something like a frog would be able to eat the larvae.

When the garden is complete, I want to be able to sit in it during the spring and summer days and just relax among nature. Sitting on the porch or the patio just doesn’t give me the same kind of feel. I also want to be able to grow enough food to make my own salad. I’ve grown tomatoes indoors before, so I should have an easy time with those. I have no experience in growing lettuce and cucumbers, so I hope I can keep the insects from eating them.

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