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May 22nd, 2017

We Have Navigated Most of the Red Tape

I have just now gotten most of the paper work done, registering with the people in town hall at Destin Beach. That seemed to be the best way to go about it, but of course this is as much retirement as it is a business. That does not mean that you do not have to do all of the stuff the way that it has to be done. The authorities expect you to pay up obviously and just today I have get the Gulf Coast business insurance settled up. They picked a doctor and they sent both me and Captain Roy to see him for a physical, of course they want to make sure that we have a clean bill of health.

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May 20th, 2017

I Knew I Needed Better Leadership Skills

I am a good enough leader, I think, that I realized I wasn’t a good enough leader and needed leadership development training. Does that make sense? I have always said that the best leaders are those men and women who realize what they lack to become an even better leader. Leadership isn’t using the right buzzwords or even knowing how to delegate to underlings. The best leaders are the people who can motivate people to do a better job. You want your people to want to work harder for you. You also want them to look up to you and recognize that they want to work for you.

I could do most of the technical parts of being a leader, but thought I lacked that charisma that makes people want to give you their all. That’s why I went online in search of a consulting group that could help me become better at what I do.

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May 15th, 2017

Looking Better Requires Strong Dedication

Shaun T is someone I have looked up to for a long time. Ever since I heard about the Insanity program and tried it, I knew that he was the type of person who could help me get to where I wanted to be. I was a pretty scrawny kid who ballooned up to 210 pounds in college because of poor habits. I was able to lose a good bit of it, and the Insanity program helped get me in even better shape. When I took a look at the T25 schedule, which is his new program, I knew that I wanted to try it for myself.

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May 12th, 2017

Switching to a Custom Set of Golf Clubs Lowered My Par

I used to buy golf clubs as a complete set. Since I started playing when I was 12, I have owned five sets. My new set of clubs is put together with specific clubs that I like the best. I like one brand of driver, another brand of putter, a different sand wedge and I finally found the best golf chipper to round out my club set. I used to go around the course with a club set and bag that matched. There is no sense in that unless the company is paying you to be a billboard. It is better to get the clubs that help you play the best game you can.

I learned this when I received a driver as a birthday gift from a golfing buddy. He had it made specifically for me.

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March 23rd, 2017

My Back Has Gone out Again

I spent about fifteen minutes trying to get out of my bed the other morning. I knew at once that it was something I had dealt with before. In essence I have been dealing with on and off back issues for close to fifteen years. The original problem started back when I used to live my life in a really hard way, which is to say I drank a lot and hung out with other guys who partied all the time. The first time I went to see a Cumming chiropractor. I was living in the suburbs of Atlanta GA and it was not that long after I had graduated from college. At any rate it was a simple thing. I laid down on the table and the guy started to move things around in my back. If I really known what he was going to do, then I would have been scared. If it all goes to plan, there is nothing to worry about.

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January 12th, 2017

A Distracted Driver Caused My Injuries

When I was involved in an accident a couple of years ago, I didn’t even think about hiring an auto accident attorney in Sacramento at first. The facts of the accident were so cut and dried that I didn’t think I needed one. However, when the insurance company offered me a settlement that barely covered my lost wages from it, I knew I needed some help. It was not that I was being greedy, because that was the furthest thought from my mind. I just knew that I had a long road ahead of me, and that settlement offer was not taking that into account.

I was not even sure if I would be able to go back to work yet. I was still in physical therapy trying to regain the strength in both of my arms as well as my right leg.

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January 12th, 2017

My Uncle is Now a Believer in Chiropractic Care

My uncle is a foreman for a construction crew. Some might think that his job is easier since he just oversees a bunch of workers, but I think he works harder than any two of his workers put together. There used to be some nights when he would come home so sore that he didn’t even want to eat dinner. He would soak in the tub for a bit, then he would usually lay down with a heating pad. That all changed when I convinced him to visit a chiropractor in Campbell CA.

He honestly had no desire to see this type of doctor, but that was just because he didn’t know anything about them. He did not realize that they go to school for many years and actually take a lot of classes that primary care physicians must take.

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January 11th, 2017

We Needed to Make Sure We Got Help Immediately

We have a family with many hunters in it. When they visit, they often bring some of the meat from their hunts. So when our extra freezer stopped working it was imperative that we get some major appliance repair in Sacramento to get the freezer working again. We have a lot of venison and wild boar that would go to waste if we didn’t get it working in time. We could not afford to buy a new one anytime soon, and we hoped that it would not come down to that in the end.

While trying to work on the freezer himself, my husband ended up breaking something inside the freezer. That was when I told him that we needed to get someone who really knew what they were doing to fix it before he ended up breaking something permanently.

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January 11th, 2017

My Chiropractor is Helping to Keep Me on the Golf Course

I like golfing. I really like it. I have played golf since I was about 12, and that was 50 years ago. I used to be able to do 36 holes and then go to work at my full time job. Now that I am retired, I want to play all of the time. However, I am not quite up to 36 holes two times per week. I tried that a couple of weeks ago and needed my chiropractor in Mesa to fix my back so I could at least golf nine holes in a couple of days.

I really wore myself out in the heat and on that back nine twice in one day. I was competing against my family. My wife, daughter and our two daughters-in-law played 18 holes. Then my sons challenged me to another 18 while the girls all stayed back at the clubhouse for massages, mani-pedis and more. By the time dinner rolled around, my back was hurting. I really threw something out in my upper back when I was trying to get out from behind a tree on that doglegged par 5 on the back nine.

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January 11th, 2017

A Good Cure for Whiplash

I employed the services of a San Jose chiropractor after an auto accident left me with a bad case of whiplash. I always thought that condition was sort of a fancy name for pulled muscles in your neck when your head is suddenly moved forwards or backwards with great force. I recently suffered whiplash when I was sitting at a stop sign and a teenager who was paying more attention to their phone than the road plowed into my car. Sure enough my head went forwards and backwards with force and the pain in my neck set in immediately.

It was only later that I learned whiplash can be a lot more than a few strained muscles. Some people can suffer excruciating headaches and nerve pain. The unlucky people can have chronic neck pain for months or even years afterwards. I know the headaches I was having were pretty intense, but the neck pain was worse and it didn’t feel like a pulled muscle. It felt like serious nerve pain. After it didn’t vanish in a couple of weeks, my wife went online and found a chiropractor clinic and made an appointment because something had to be done.

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December 17th, 2016

I Was Liking the New Innovative Architectural Design of the 12 on Shan Condo in Singapore

I grew up in District 12, and still enjoy living here. That is why when a condo project was announced for 12 On Shan, I had to take a closer look. Condos here in Singapore are structures that share ownership among the condo owners. What you do with your interior space, as far as customization goes, is up to the individual condo owner. However, there are certain rules for what you can and cannot do. If you own a condo, you will have to be the one who pays to renovate and repair its interior as the years go on. The exterior is a shared expense because all of the condo owners own the building.

I wanted to live at a property that was going to be well maintained.

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December 15th, 2016

Good Enough to Do Taxes Professionally

A relative of mine asked me to help her file her taxes, since I’m pretty good at math and have done it before with my own taxes. She said that I was so good that I should probably start my own business doing it. I didn’t think I was that good, but apparently she did, so I started thinking more about her idea. I started making plan for an office in my home where I could work from, and setting up a fax machine for important documents. I found a way to get some help from Keystone Tax Solutions after doing some research on the Internet.

Gone are the days of doing taxes on traditional paper.

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December 9th, 2016

Dad and Mom Gave Me a Piece of Property Recently

My parents have a lot of money, and they have a lot of property located around our country town. When they grew older, they told my siblings and I that they wanted to give some of it to us before they pass away one day in the future. I have wanted my own small farm, so that made me really happy. They had to get a living trust attorney in Orange County to get all the paperwork straightened out since the property is in their trust. Dad says that they needed to do things the right way so that my siblings and I would not fight over property one day when they passed away. It’s scary to think that could ever even happen with my brothers and sisters.

My parents are old enough that they have seen quite a number of our relatives and friends pass away over the years. They have seen siblings fight over what they think they should get. It breaks apart families and really tears people apart.

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October 5th, 2016

An Easy Pay Stub Maker

I knew that I needed to have some work done at my house, but I was not sure who to hire for it. There was a local handyman who gave me a really good quote for the work that I needed done, and he seemed to have the same qualifications as a professional. I decided to go ahead and use his services, which meant that I had to find a paystub maker online. He had told me that I could just pay him in cash, but I have never been the type to do something like that.

Not only do I want proof that I paid him, but I also wanted it all spelled out on a professional document.

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September 25th, 2016

My Sister is Enjoying Her Special Day

My older sister Marie is complete diva. Even when we were little kids, she was always the boss. She always had to have everything done her way. As an adult, she has not changed. She runs a very successful business and calls the shots. I work as a cosmetologist and I love it. My sister told me that she was getting married and wanted me to do her makeup. She wanted eyebrow embroidery for her wedding. I agreed to take on the task at hand.

Life as a male cosmetologist has not always been easy for me. My father did not understand nor support my career decision. He did not think that doing makeup was a suitable job for a man.

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September 7th, 2016

A School Website Filled with Great Info

I wanted to learn more information about a visual communication course that I had heard the Orita Sinclair school had. I knew the best way was just to go to the website and find out the info I wanted from there. I was not sure what I was expecting when I did this, but it was not what I found. There was so much information there about the course that I wanted to take that it took me quite a while to read it all. That is a good thing though because I would much rather have all the information in one spot like this than have to go search for it in different places.

The entire course syllabus was there along with descriptions of all the different modules.

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June 2nd, 2016

Plans for a Grand Design

For a garden that I was planning for my home, I had been working with one of my friends to create the plans. He came up with a slab design to make the garden look like some kind of beautiful Roman dream. My friend had been skilled in design for many years because he took courses on it in college. I was focused on computer programming, which comes in handy for him when he wants someone to make a website for him or create an app that will be usable by his customers. We plan to start construction of the garden during the summer.

The garden will have an area for growing flowers and food, and also an area that will house a small pond.

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May 31st, 2016

Started to Go Hunting with a 12 Gauge

Like everyone else I used to go hunting with a bolt action hunting rifle, a Marlin 30 30. I had a scope on it, but I came to realize that the way that I am hunting is not really going to make that all that advantageous. Out in the Western states they have a lot of wide open spaces and some of the time they will shoot at elk from half a mile away. Around here you are going to be a lot closer. I got a good 12 gauge and put a slip on recoil pad on the stock. Of course it is going to kick very little when you load it up with bird shot, but you are going to really appreciate that recoil pad when you are using double ought buck shot and deer slugs. That is how I am loading it up, first one and then the other.

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May 22nd, 2016

Being Unique in an Affordable Way Was Important at My Wedding

I always loved wedding magazines. It seems that most females seem to take an interest in them as soon as they get engaged, but I was reading these types of magazines long before I even knew the man that I became engaged to. I knew that I wanted to have a unique wedding, and I wanted to do it in a way that would be affordable. Gathering ideas early on helped me with that. One thing that really surprised my guests was the feather bow tie that my new husband wore with his tuxedo. It really stood out and everyone wanted to know where it came from.

My husband was a big bird lover. He had two parrots of his own, and when he was growing up, his parents had a peacock that wandered freely around their fenced in back yard.

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May 16th, 2016

Here is a Crime, but Who is the Real Criminal?

I saw on the news that my neighbor had been arrested. He is in serious trouble for assaulting another neighbor. The news makes it look like my neighbor is the bad guy. The rest of us around here know that is not the case. The other neighbor has been trouble for everyone for a long time. He is not a nice guy at all. Each one of us has been the victim of one of his verbal attacks or threats. I helped my neighbor contact a criminal law firm in Sydney. The real bad guy has never been arrested because he has a lot of money and friends in positions of power. My neighbor just responded to a threat.

The man was accosting my neighbor with a verbal attack. He had a golf club in his hand. When he raised it like he was going to hit my neighbor, he got his hat handed to him so to speak. The injuries made it a more serious crime, and there were no witnesses.

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