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January 12th, 2017

My Uncle is Now a Believer in Chiropractic Care

My uncle is a foreman for a construction crew. Some might think that his job is easier since he just oversees a bunch of workers, but I think he works harder than any two of his workers put together. There used to be some nights when he would come home so sore that he didn’t even want to eat dinner. He would soak in the tub for a bit, then he would usually lay down with a heating pad. That all changed when I convinced him to visit a chiropractor in Campbell CA.

He honestly had no desire to see this type of doctor, but that was just because he didn’t know anything about them. He did not realize that they go to school for many years and actually take a lot of classes that primary care physicians must take. They are well qualified to treat people who have back issues as well a number of other things going on with them too. I knew that if my uncle would go to a chiropractor, he would get the relief he needed, so I was so happy when he finally agreed to go.

He was skeptical his first visit, but that skepticism started to disappear around his fourth time there. He continued to go because he said the chiropractor talked a good talk to him, which was high praise coming from him. He had adjustments done twice a week for the first month, and he stopped skipping meals soon after that. He would come home tired still, but he was not hurting like he was before. He is such a huge believer in chiropractic care now that he urges all the men and women on his crew to give it a try as well. Most of them have because they see the change that it has made in my uncle!

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