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August 17th, 2018

My Taxes Are Being Done Properly

I have been doing tax returns for more years than I can count. I had my first job when I was 16, and I started preparing them then. It was easy enough to do since it was just a minimum wage job, but it did get more complicated when I started subcontracting. Thankfully, around that time is when tax software for preparers became available online. I knew that I could pay someone to do my taxes for me, and I had honestly considered that option for a while. There are a lot of advantages to having someone else do it, but then there are the disadvantages too.

I know my business better than anyone else, and there are aspects of it that I do like to keep private. I am not doing anything illegal or questionable at all, but some of my clients do not want their names out there either for the work that I am doing for them. To keep things as simple and as private as possible, I decided it is best to just do my own tax returns. I looked at quite a few different software programs that help people with their taxes, but I ended up choosing Keystone in the end for several different reasons.

The first is because this is software that is designed for professional tax preparers, but they do have a version for someone like me who does not have the proper qualifications. So, I am able to do a professional job, maintain my privacy, and know that I am doing everything right. The software is easy to use, the customer support is second to none, and I like that I have unlimited federal and state returns with the software. This is by far the best solution that allows me to maintain the privacy of my clients with the knowledge that my taxes are being done properly.

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