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September 25th, 2016

My Sister is Enjoying Her Special Day

My older sister Marie is complete diva. Even when we were little kids, she was always the boss. She always had to have everything done her way. As an adult, she has not changed. She runs a very successful business and calls the shots. I work as a cosmetologist and I love it. My sister told me that she was getting married and wanted me to do her makeup. She wanted eyebrow embroidery for her wedding. I agreed to take on the task at hand.

Life as a male cosmetologist has not always been easy for me. My father did not understand nor support my career decision. He did not think that doing makeup was a suitable job for a man. He felt that I was becoming too feminine. Once, he even destroyed my makeup kit to sabotage me. After many years and many satisfied clients, my father saw my gift. He realised my true purpose in life.

The big day was coming. My sister fired the caters because she did not like the food. She fired twelve chefs already. Our mom agreed to help with the food. She could not make up her mind. She tried on fifty wedding dresses and finally chose one. The food and the cake was finally ready. All she needed was her makeup. I gave her the best blends that I usually give to my celebrity clients. I applied the eyebrow embroidery carefully and gently. I gave her a mirror to see the final result. She was totally speechless. She was completely satisfied and so was I.

The wedding went off perfectly. My sister and her new husband looked so beautiful walking down the aisle. I was proud to be a part of this joyous occasion. I really appreciate these special moments in my career. They make me want to work harder.

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