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December 3rd, 2015

My Hair Gives Me New Self Confidence

I have really fine hair, which can be a pain in the neck to style at times. Thick hair is easier to manipulate into different styles, but thin hair tends to fly away with most styles. I thought that I was destined to just a couple of different and very plain hair styles because of this, but I learned that a lot of women with beautiful hair are actually wearing hair extensions. That gave me such hope, and I went to a website that has all kinds of different extensions, like the 4C hair extensions that I bought.

I wasn’t even sure which one was the right choice for me, but I was able to find a website that had a lot of information on it, explaining everything about hair weaves and extensions. This site explained how the hair is found, and also how it is made. What I really liked about the hair that they use is that it is virgin hair. What that means is that none of the hair has been treated with any chemicals that can damage it. For someone with very fine hair like me, that is such a relief, because it means that the hair is going to be able to be styled better and also last a lot longer too.

This site also explained the different textures of the hair. I was able to get a lot of insight just from the articles they had on the various pages about their hair extensions, but there was so much more there too. I was able to watch a few videos that sealed my decision to get my own hair extensions from them. Now that I have them, I can style my hair in so many different ways, and it has made me feel a lot better about myself in the process!

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