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March 23rd, 2017

My Back Has Gone out Again

I spent about fifteen minutes trying to get out of my bed the other morning. I knew at once that it was something I had dealt with before. In essence I have been dealing with on and off back issues for close to fifteen years. The original problem started back when I used to live my life in a really hard way, which is to say I drank a lot and hung out with other guys who partied all the time. The first time I went to see a Cumming chiropractor. I was living in the suburbs of Atlanta GA and it was not that long after I had graduated from college. At any rate it was a simple thing. I laid down on the table and the guy started to move things around in my back. If I really known what he was going to do, then I would have been scared. If it all goes to plan, there is nothing to worry about. However you have to really worry about things going wrong.

The next time I was living in the Chapel Hill, NC area and I had learned enough to realize that you have to really try to make sure that you pick the right person to do this stuff. It is not something you want to go into blind. That is easy enough to say, but it is a real problem to figure out whether or not it can be trusted. You just have to do the best that you can do. I am not really sure that you can figure out a foolproof way to do this stuff. The next time I was back in Georgia, but only down there to visit and so I went back to the first guy that had fixed it so long ago.

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