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May 7th, 2016

Imagine Going to Jail but Not Being Guilty of a Crime

Not everyone that is accused of a crime is guilty. Anyone can get railroaded into prison. The system we have here in America is a decent one. I’d say it is better than anywhere else. However, we all know that things can happen that can get the full weight of the law down on you even if you did not commit a crime. Look at how many people have been freed from prison because DNA evidence proves they are not guilty. Strong defense teams, such as,, could make the difference between prison and freedom.

The thing about being accused is that even though the law says innocent until proven guilty, you know that people see you as being guilty even if they prove you innocent. People do not seem to be wired to think not guilty. If you are accused, you must have done something to get accused, so you should go to jail for whatever that something is. It is a mindset that decent people do not even get accused, and if you are not a decent person, then you probably deserve to be in jail anyway. Even the identification process can be seriously flawed. Untrained observers can easily be influenced into picking the wrong person as the criminal. A lineup at least is supposed to have similar looking people next to the suspected criminal. Misidentification is a serious problem.

Can you imagine serving 30 years in a prison when you are not guilty of a crime. It happens often. Sometimes it is not being able to afford a good attorney. Sometimes it is so-called evidence that is making it look like you. Simply lacking a solid alibi could get you put in jail for something someone else has done. Ever have someone in public think you were someone else? It happens to most of us at least once. Now imagine if that lookalike just committed a crime.

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