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December 17th, 2016

I Was Liking the New Innovative Architectural Design of the 12 on Shan Condo in Singapore

I grew up in District 12, and still enjoy living here. That is why when a condo project was announced for 12 On Shan, I had to take a closer look. Condos here in Singapore are structures that share ownership among the condo owners. What you do with your interior space, as far as customization goes, is up to the individual condo owner. However, there are certain rules for what you can and cannot do. If you own a condo, you will have to be the one who pays to renovate and repair its interior as the years go on. The exterior is a shared expense because all of the condo owners own the building.

I wanted to live at a property that was going to be well maintained. Starting out in a brand new building was very appealing to me. It is nice to have the prospect of moving into a place where no one has lived before you. I remember moving into an apartment years ago that I had a professional cleaning service prepare before I moved in. The previous tenant was also very clean. However, I found traces of the previous tenant for a long time after I moved in. I could smell the older woman’s perfume in the area of the bedroom where she had her makeup table. I had the carpeting replaced, because she must have spilled a bottle of some sort of fragrance on it before. It was not bad, jut a reminder that someone had lived there before me.

I think we all like new things. We want our experience with things to be new. After all, I would not wear someone else’s old undergarments. I would buy new. Why would I want to live in a condo where someone lived before? It is okay for some people, but I guess it is not my preference. The newness and intriguing architecture of the 12 On Shan condo tower really appealed to my senses for desiring something new and innovative.

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