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July 24th, 2017

I Moved So I Can Have a Dog

I was heartbroken when my landlord told me that I could not have a dog. I never thought to ask before because it wasn’t relevant to me at the time. I thought there was a possibility I might get a dog in the future, but I thought it would be okay since the last tenants had several dogs. When he told me no, I decided to move. I wanted a dog that much! I went to my computer and typed in ‘apartments for rent for 78230′ so I could see which apartments in the area allow dogs.

I wanted more than just a place where I could bring a pup with me though. If I was going to move, I wanted to move up, not sideways or even down. The house I had been renting was an old farmhouse, so it was not very modern in any of the living areas. I wanted to make sure the apartment I was going to move into was a lot nicer than what I had been used to the past several years. After looking at quite a few apartments, I finally decided to contact Woodbridge Apartments to arrange a tour.

As nice as the pictures are on the website and as appealing as the information is about the amenities, I still wanted to see it in person before making a decision. It was everything I had hoped for after taking a closer look, and I filled out the rental application right there on the spot after the tour was over. I am allowed to have two dogs here, so I might just end up adopting two of them instead of one. It will be nice for them to have each other to play with on the days where I have to leave them for a few hours. I don’t know how many I will get, but I do know that I am getting more excited about it all.

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