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February 28th, 2015

I Got a Beer Chiller for My Birthday

I got a pretty cool gift for my birthday. The guys at work got together and bought me this thing called a spin chill portable beer chiller. It is a little thing about the size of a two piece toaster and you can stick a beer in it and chill it in about a minutes. Apparently it spins the beer or something and cools it down some way. I did not really try to get the science behind it. Of course we were at work, but they wanted to show me how it worked, so they got a can of of Dr Pepper that was hot and stuck it in this thing. Sure enough after you took it out a minute later it was icy cold. In fact they had a bunch of Dr peppers in the can and they put them in there one at a time and everyone had one. It was just a way to show off how the thing worked.

In fact no one has that big of a need to get an ice cold beer in a minute, but it is a pretty cool trick. Of course some people are really strange about wanting their beer really cold. I used to know this guy who kept his refrigerator turned all the way up. It was so cold in there that other stuff would freeze, but the beer had alcohol in it and that kept it from freezing even when it was ice cold. I want my beer to be cold, but I am not a fanatic about it. Of course this thing is a cool toy whether it makes any real sense or not. I think it cost them about seventy dollars and the guys probably kicked in about five bucks each to buy it.

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