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May 16th, 2016

Here is a Crime, but Who is the Real Criminal?

I saw on the news that my neighbor had been arrested. He is in serious trouble for assaulting another neighbor. The news makes it look like my neighbor is the bad guy. The rest of us around here know that is not the case. The other neighbor has been trouble for everyone for a long time. He is not a nice guy at all. Each one of us has been the victim of one of his verbal attacks or threats. I helped my neighbor contact a criminal law firm in Sydney. The real bad guy has never been arrested because he has a lot of money and friends in positions of power. My neighbor just responded to a threat.

The man was accosting my neighbor with a verbal attack. He had a golf club in his hand. When he raised it like he was going to hit my neighbor, he got his hat handed to him so to speak. The injuries made it a more serious crime, and there were no witnesses. There is security camera footage, but the fight was blocked by an ornamental tree. You cannot see who started what. With the track record the bad neighbor has of getting away with things, my neighbor needs a criminal law firm in Sydney to keep him from serving time for this.

The law does not have a lot of room to consider years of provocation and abuse from an individual. I am convinced that the bad neighbor did try to hit my neighbor with the golf club. However, how do you prove it without witnesses? The hospitalization for a couple of broken bones and lacerations are going to get my neighbor jail time without a good criminal defense attorney. The rest of us are willing to be character witnesses, but are not sure how that will help. He really needs a good lawyer.

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