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August 14th, 2015

Great Tasting Recipes Including Cq10

After watching, I discovered more information about cQ10 than I ever thought possible. It’s is a powerful antioxidant found in every single cell in the body and is responsible for helping the body produce energy and improve the strength of the heart. CQ10 is vital to for the proper functioning of cells and acts like an energy supply for the heart. It’s also popular for treating a range of heart conditions and maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system. Coenzyme Q10 is found in many different foods including organ meats, egg, lamb and fish but people will rarely absorb enough required daily cQ10. CQ10 has the ability to bring the body back in balance.

Coenzyme Q10 is also very popular for weight loss as it provides the main energy source for the heart which improves heart health and helps the hearts ability to pump blood while exercising and is also said to increase the body’s metabolism.A popular weight loss combination include the amino acid L-Carnitine and Coenzyme Q10, L-carnitine is well known as a powerful natural weight loss supplement and I find most benefit taking it upon waking before doing my morning cardio. Including CQ10 this makes a potent mixture which will give you quite an energy boost so its great for getting yourself motivated to loose weight when your feeling down or having a stressful time at work.

A healthy dosage for Coenzyme Q10 is 30 – 60mg a day, a higher dose is allowed for people on certain medications that restrict the absorption of the enzyme from food sources. For more simple ways to support your weight loss goals visit the Youtube link provided and even some diet solution guides for free ebooks and healthy recipes to help you get started on the right path today! Trust me when I say there are plenty of great recipes available out there.

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