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December 15th, 2016

Good Enough to Do Taxes Professionally

A relative of mine asked me to help her file her taxes, since I’m pretty good at math and have done it before with my own taxes. She said that I was so good that I should probably start my own business doing it. I didn’t think I was that good, but apparently she did, so I started thinking more about her idea. I started making plan for an office in my home where I could work from, and setting up a fax machine for important documents. I found a way to get some help from Keystone Tax Solutions after doing some research on the Internet.

Gone are the days of doing taxes on traditional paper. Now it’s easy to just use software to handle most of the hard work. Looking at all of those numbers, forms, and calculations can still be a bit tedious, but at least now it doesn’t take as long. The software I received from Keystone has forms to cover every specific tax case imaginable. From self employment to members of the clergy, the software has it all. It can even check for any errors that may cause a return to be flagged for an audit by the IRS.

I get a steady stream of people who want me to do their taxes since I’ve opened my at home business using what I was able to obtain from Keystone. While I know that not everyone will send the necessary documents to me before the tax deadline arrives, at least some of them will. I guess it’s just human nature for people to want to do things at the last minute, even when someone else is doing most of the hard work. I’d probably do the same thing if I were paying someone else to do my taxes.

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