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March 11th, 2018

Getting a Home Security System from ADT in Omaha Was a Smart Move for Us

I have always had a mindset of safety first. I have worked with guys who just jump in and do things without putting much thought into the safety of their actions. They jeopardize their own safety, the safety of their coworkers and the job itself. I think about safety before action. It is not an obsessive thing. It is just normal stuff of being concerned enough to head off danger before it happens. For our home, we got ADT in Omaha to come out and install a full-featured home security system. I was really intrigued by the benefits of all the Smart Home features that are available today as well as the standard burglary and fire protection a home security system offers.

We can now control our lights, locks, furnace, AC system and even our garage door remotely using our Internet connected devices. A secure connection allows us to control lights from anywhere and just about every other thing in our home. I have adjusted the air conditioning for our dogs at home while we were all away at work and the kids were in school. We had forgotten to turn the AC on for the first very warm day, and I would have had to drive home during lunch to turn it on if it was not for the Smart Home features we had installed as part of our home security system.

Another thing I really like is the video surveillance and video doorbells we have. We know whenever anyone approaches the house even if they do not push the doorbell button. The motion detection captures their images for a record in case their is ever any trouble. Our cameras are so clear that they can even see license plates on vehicles that enter our driveway. I really like our our home security system from ADT in Omaha.

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