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Started to Go Hunting with a 12 Gauge

Tuesday, May 31st, 2016

Like everyone else I used to go hunting with a bolt action hunting rifle, a Marlin 30 30. I had a scope on it, but I came to realize that the way that I am hunting is not really going to make that all that advantageous. Out in the Western states they have a lot of wide open spaces and some of the time they will shoot at elk from half a mile away. Around here you are going to be a lot closer. I got a good 12 gauge and put a slip on recoil pad on the stock. Of course it is going to kick very little when you load it up with bird shot, but you are going to really appreciate that recoil pad when you are using double ought buck shot and deer slugs. That is how I am loading it up, first one and then the other. (more…)

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Being Unique in an Affordable Way Was Important at My Wedding

Sunday, May 22nd, 2016

I always loved wedding magazines. It seems that most females seem to take an interest in them as soon as they get engaged, but I was reading these types of magazines long before I even knew the man that I became engaged to. I knew that I wanted to have a unique wedding, and I wanted to do it in a way that would be affordable. Gathering ideas early on helped me with that. One thing that really surprised my guests was the feather bow tie that my new husband wore with his tuxedo. It really stood out and everyone wanted to know where it came from.

My husband was a big bird lover. He had two parrots of his own, and when he was growing up, his parents had a peacock that wandered freely around their fenced in back yard. (more…)

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Here is a Crime, but Who is the Real Criminal?

Monday, May 16th, 2016

I saw on the news that my neighbor had been arrested. He is in serious trouble for assaulting another neighbor. The news makes it look like my neighbor is the bad guy. The rest of us around here know that is not the case. The other neighbor has been trouble for everyone for a long time. He is not a nice guy at all. Each one of us has been the victim of one of his verbal attacks or threats. I helped my neighbor contact a criminal law firm in Sydney. The real bad guy has never been arrested because he has a lot of money and friends in positions of power. My neighbor just responded to a threat.

The man was accosting my neighbor with a verbal attack. He had a golf club in his hand. When he raised it like he was going to hit my neighbor, he got his hat handed to him so to speak. The injuries made it a more serious crime, and there were no witnesses. (more…)

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Seeing What Can’t Be Seen

Thursday, May 12th, 2016

Years ago, my idea of having a security system was buying a few door alarms from the local hardware store and sticking them on the wall. I never had a burglar to test out these alarms, but if one did come, the alarms wouldn’t have really done much. They would have made a loud sound, but that’s about it. The police wouldn’t have been called, the burglar wouldn’t have been captured on film, and if he was brazen enough, he would have just broken the alarms. I needed to be safer, so I got a home security audit to give me something better.

I upgraded to a full system with an alarm, security box that arms and disarms the alarm, smoke and heat detectors, window locks, and cameras to monitor every inch of the outside of my home. (more…)

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Imagine Going to Jail but Not Being Guilty of a Crime

Saturday, May 7th, 2016

Not everyone that is accused of a crime is guilty. Anyone can get railroaded into prison. The system we have here in America is a decent one. I’d say it is better than anywhere else. However, we all know that things can happen that can get the full weight of the law down on you even if you did not commit a crime. Look at how many people have been freed from prison because DNA evidence proves they are not guilty. Strong defense teams, such as,, could make the difference between prison and freedom.

The thing about being accused is that even though the law says innocent until proven guilty, you know that people see you as being guilty even if they prove you innocent. People do not seem to be wired to think not guilty. If you are accused, you must have done something to get accused, so you should go to jail for whatever that something is. (more…)

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