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The Benefit of the Bundle

Monday, October 26th, 2015

When the price for my cable bill became too high, I bundled it up with the cable provider’s Internet service to save money. Bundles cost less than a service on its own, at least for a short period of time. After a while, the price increased and I was right back at the beginning. I couldn’t pay the price anymore and had to cancel my service. For a while, the only way I could access the Internet was with my cell phone. I looked for some alternative replacements, and found one at

DirecTV was offering a bundle in the same way that the cable company was, but there was a difference. They promised that the price wouldn’t increase, no matter how long I had the service. The speeds for the Internet service were also different. On my old cable plan, the speeds went up to 45Mbps, but to get that speed, you had to pay over $100 just for the Internet alone. I used to have 6Mbps for $40, and I even thought that was too much of a price to pay. (more…)

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The Battle for My Computer

Tuesday, October 20th, 2015

The blank invoice PDF that my friend gave me turned out to be a corrupted file that had a virus hidden within it. The virus installed a lot of bloatware on my computer in the form of fake anti virus software. The software pops up every time I turn on my computer and gives me a lot of fake messages about having tons of viruses installed, and that the only way to get rid of them is to pay for some unknown software. I’ve had experience with this kind of virus on other people’s computers before, so I knew how to get rid of it.

I had to put the computer in safe mode and run a couple of programs to stop the virus from running the fake anti virus software. Then I ran scans using a couple of programs to find where the virus was stored and delete it from my computer. The scans take around an hour or two to complete, and I had to run multiple scans. The process was an overnight one and when I woke up in the morning, the computer was virus free. (more…)

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Outdoor Channels on Satellite Television Packages Gives Us Ideas for Our Own Adventures

Tuesday, October 6th, 2015

I like outdoor kinds of TV programming. I like all those hunting and fishing shows. If I am not working or out with my family (usually on an outdoor adventure), you will probably find me watching a show about my hobbies and interests on TV. For me, I cannot find any service that has more channels dedicated to sportsmen, fishermen and hunters that what I find in satellite television packages. I pay a couple of extra bucks for a specialty package of outdoor kinds of channels and I think it is worth it.

I like watching the shows to learn the latest techniques as well as see the latest gear being put through its paces. At my house we go hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, kayaking, canoeing, power boating, skiing, snowshoeing and the list continues. It takes some overtime to make sure we are outfitted properly for our adventures. Yes, we do have a family RV. It is a Class C that is a few years old and we have a great time in it. However, we also like tent camping. We put the kayaks on the truck and go tent camping at a local State Park at least one weekend a month. We do winter camping too. Yes, we are crazy like that. (more…)

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