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I Got a Beer Chiller for My Birthday

Saturday, February 28th, 2015

I got a pretty cool gift for my birthday. The guys at work got together and bought me this thing called a spin chill portable beer chiller. It is a little thing about the size of a two piece toaster and you can stick a beer in it and chill it in about a minutes. Apparently it spins the beer or something and cools it down some way. I did not really try to get the science behind it. Of course we were at work, but they wanted to show me how it worked, so they got a can of of Dr Pepper that was hot and stuck it in this thing. Sure enough after you took it out a minute later it was icy cold. In fact they had a bunch of Dr peppers in the can and they put them in there one at a time and everyone had one. It was just a way to show off how the thing worked. (more…)

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