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December 9th, 2016

Dad and Mom Gave Me a Piece of Property Recently

My parents have a lot of money, and they have a lot of property located around our country town. When they grew older, they told my siblings and I that they wanted to give some of it to us before they pass away one day in the future. I have wanted my own small farm, so that made me really happy. They had to get a living trust attorney in Orange County to get all the paperwork straightened out since the property is in their trust. Dad says that they needed to do things the right way so that my siblings and I would not fight over property one day when they passed away. It’s scary to think that could ever even happen with my brothers and sisters.

My parents are old enough that they have seen quite a number of our relatives and friends pass away over the years. They have seen siblings fight over what they think they should get. It breaks apart families and really tears people apart. My parents said they don’t want this to happen with me and my brothers. We promised them that it never would, but dad said that didn’t matter because you never know what will really happen when property is involved. He wanted to make things simple for all of us, which I really appreciate.

When I was given my piece of property, dad already knew that I wanted to start running a small farm. He even helped me get everything running. I have always loved Nigerian pygmy goats, and I wanted to raise them. I sell the milk that the goats give me at the farm stand in town. I also use the milk to make goat milk soap and I sell that, too. I am really happy now that I am doing something that is fun and means a lot to me.

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