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July 24th, 2017

Apartments Have Drastically Changed in the Last Decade or So

The apartments of today are definitely not like the ones that even our parents had when they were our age and just starting out. Then, most complexes had a swimming pool and maybe assigned parking, but even those were not guaranteed. It is almost impossible to find a new complex that does not have a swimming pool, a fitness center and at least a few more amenities for residents. That is why I was able to be a bit choosy when I looked at apartments for rent in Temple Terrace FL.

I knew that the apartment complexes there had to be just like the ones in New York that I was leaving behind. The competition is so fierce that the complexes try to outdo one another to get potential tenants to choose their complex. It really is a win win situation for all involved. The complexes get their apartments filled quickly, and tenants, like me, get a lot more perks than was available even just a few years ago. I looked at about a dozen complexes in Tampa and the surrounding areas, and The Lodge at Hidden River is the one that stood out among all of them.

They have the typical community amenities, but they have so much more too. I can wash my car right there on the grounds at the car care center, and I can get the interior shining there too. I can store my bike there. While I don’t have a boat yet, I am probably going to start looking at a canoe soon since the lake is so close. I will be able to store that at the boat storage facility on the grounds as well. I can play shuffle board, go saltwater swimming, lift weights or get a cardio workout, enjoy a meal at the outdoor kitchen, and even take my dog to the bark park there. Like I said, this isn’t our parents’ complexes anymore!

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