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May 25th, 2017

Almost Done with the Paper Work

In fact you would not really think that any of this would be so big of a deal, since the house is very small and it sits on a mere two tenths of an acre of land. I have had the money for the down payment all along, I thought that I would not have been very close to it when I was starting to look at it. However there is a lot more to it than I expected to this. I realized that you would have to get Florida home insurance, that is easy to realize. The loan is going to be relatively tiny, not even as much as a lot of loans for really nice cars. However the bank is going to want to get that money back, with interest as well. They will want it back if the house burns down, they will want to get it back if a big hurricane comes around and blows the house down like the big bad wolf. They do not care if I am dead and unable to pay, they want the money back. So you have to get insurance

At any rate there is all sorts of other stuff, jumping through hoops pretty much. It all involves a lot of fees, and it really seems like a great big rip off if you were to ask me about it and I were to tell you what I really thought. At any rate I got lucky when I realized that my girlfriend knows a guy who would know all about this stuff. He was not really excited about helping me out, until I offered to do something for him. Then he was really excited. I am going to have to help him build a deck, but that is not so big of a deal really.

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