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September 7th, 2016

A School Website Filled with Great Info

I wanted to learn more information about a visual communication course that I had heard the Orita Sinclair school had. I knew the best way was just to go to the website and find out the info I wanted from there. I was not sure what I was expecting when I did this, but it was not what I found. There was so much information there about the course that I wanted to take that it took me quite a while to read it all. That is a good thing though because I would much rather have all the information in one spot like this than have to go search for it in different places.

The entire course syllabus was there along with descriptions of all the different modules. There was information about the admission policy along with the fees, including the application fee. Information was available for eligibility too, which was a sure fit for me. I could even get information on the educators that teach the various courses there. That was the nice thing about this school too. They teach a very good visual communication program, but they have quite a few others too.

After looking at all of the information on the website, including the awards that various teachers and students have won, I knew that I wanted to go there. I looked at the different career possibilities after I would receive my diploma, and there were so many. There are also a lot of educational opportunities for students who receive a diploma. There are different universities that will allow students with diploma to enter a program as a second year student, and that was extremely appealing to me. I went there for information, and I walked away from my computer with a stronger desire to go there than ever before!

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