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August 17th, 2018

A New Look Based on Lola

My cat Lola is a very important part of my life. Before I met her, I was very depressed. I had recently suffered a painful change in my life. I was really down in the dumps. I found a kitten in the animal shelter. He was lonely and sad. I could tell he wanted to find a home that he could call his own. Something told me to adopt her and I did. I named her Lola. She was so happy when I took her home. Recently, I decided to get custom cat socks with Lola’s picture on them. They were a good addition to my personal collection.

I met Lola four years ago. I was depressed after a traumatic loss in my life. I decided that I was tired of being sad and decided to do something to take my mind of my pain. I decided to volunteer at a local animal shelter to take my mind for the heartache I was experiencing at the time. I would help feed and play with the cats and dogs at the shelter. I felt that I enjoyed working with the cats more than the dogs. I always felt drawn to cats. I was working with the cats and I saw a gray kitten sitting by itself. It looked so sad. The kitten looked at me and I looked at him. It was love a first sight. I knew I wanted the kitten. The shelter let me adopt the kitten and I named it Lola.

Lola and I became the best of friends. She has always been there to put a smile on my face when I was depressed. She has never turned her back on me. I am always grateful for that. The cat socks are my ways of showing my appreciation to her.

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