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January 11th, 2017

A Good Cure for Whiplash

I employed the services of a San Jose chiropractor after an auto accident left me with a bad case of whiplash. I always thought that condition was sort of a fancy name for pulled muscles in your neck when your head is suddenly moved forwards or backwards with great force. I recently suffered whiplash when I was sitting at a stop sign and a teenager who was paying more attention to their phone than the road plowed into my car. Sure enough my head went forwards and backwards with force and the pain in my neck set in immediately.

It was only later that I learned whiplash can be a lot more than a few strained muscles. Some people can suffer excruciating headaches and nerve pain. The unlucky people can have chronic neck pain for months or even years afterwards. I know the headaches I was having were pretty intense, but the neck pain was worse and it didn’t feel like a pulled muscle. It felt like serious nerve pain. After it didn’t vanish in a couple of weeks, my wife went online and found a chiropractor clinic and made an appointment because something had to be done. It was hard to concentrate on anything.

The chiropractor said he sees a lot of whiplash patients and upon examining me thought I probably had a pinched nerve due to the accident. He suggested I return for some adjustments and also suggested I use a heat pack to try and alleviate some of the pain. The heat pack worked moderately well, but the adjustments he made at the next appointment really did the trick. I don’t know what he did, but the pain faded rapidly as did the headaches. I feel just like I did before the accident and I attribute my full recovery to the chiropractor.

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