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January 12th, 2017

A Distracted Driver Caused My Injuries

When I was involved in an accident a couple of years ago, I didn’t even think about hiring an auto accident attorney in Sacramento at first. The facts of the accident were so cut and dried that I didn’t think I needed one. However, when the insurance company offered me a settlement that barely covered my lost wages from it, I knew I needed some help. It was not that I was being greedy, because that was the furthest thought from my mind. I just knew that I had a long road ahead of me, and that settlement offer was not taking that into account.

I was not even sure if I would be able to go back to work yet. I was still in physical therapy trying to regain the strength in both of my arms as well as my right leg. I was a walking mess at that point, and I had endured quite a lot of pain for a very stupid reason. The person who hit me was looking at their map rather than the road ahead, and hit my car head on. They sustained a lot of injuries as well.

I knew after receiving the offer that I was in over my head. I did not know how to fight them because they do this every day, and it was my first time having to deal with it. I was able to find a law firm to take on my case though, and that is when things changed. Knowing they were dealing with a qualified adversary changed their thinking pretty fast, and I thought that was sad actually that they try to take advantage of the little person. I am just glad that there are resources out there for us little people so we are not taken advantage of like that.

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